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Employer International’s and its subsidiary company UkrEmployer’s tasks are:

  • To find a specialist based on the business descriptions of the client from either the database or through a direct search.
  • Filing the applicant’s information, interviewing them and passing the information on to the client.
  • Choosing the appropriate applicant in co-operation with the client
  • Organising the appropriate documents necessary for the recruit to leave Ukraine.
  • Filling in the necessary visa application forms with the recruit and organising the receipt of the visa in the appropriate embassy in Kiev.
  • Organising the travel from Ukraine to a destination of the client’s choice.

The employment contracts will be formalised by the employer or a partnering recruitment agency.
Accommodation for the recruits is generally organised by the employer, however we will, if possible, help find a solution. If for any reason the recruit turns out to be inappropriate, Employer International will find a new applicant based on the previous descriptions.
The current situation on the job market creates a good opportunity for a successful liaison.

In the present economical situation our activities connected to Ukraine have resided to the background. On the positive side we can emphasize our competence in employment mediation to the Estonian and Finnish labour market using different types of residence and work permits.

At the same time we have dealt with recruitment of specialists inside Estonia and from Estonia to the other European Union countries. During the selection process of employees many good specialists will be screened out and their data remains in our databases.  As a result we can present for evaluation several perspective candidates for one or more vacancies.

When we find the candidate(s), their data will be presented to you and after that we will meet the suitable candidate in person. The data constitutes mostly from

  • CV
  • specifications regarding to the requirements of the vacancy and qualifications of the candidate
  • background information from previous employers.

If the selected employee during the agreed period leaves the job by reasons not depending of the employee, it is our obligation to find a new candidate free of charge.
The service fee will be paid only after the suitable candidate has been found. There are no additional fees or charges as all costs connected to the search of the employee will be covered by us.

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