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About Us

The recruitment company OÜ Employer International was founded in Tallinn in 2006 and deals with employment mediation and personnel rental. The company is based on Estonian capital and is not subsidiary to any other business. The goal of Employer International OÜ is to provide Estonian knowledge and skills to all trustworthy and respected businesses in both Estonia and abroad. Despite the short operation period the company has established contacts within the European Union and in surrounding countries. Employment mediation with Finland is in co-operation with the Finnish recruitment organisation Barona (2007-08).
In 2007, we founded a subsidiary company OOO “UkrEmployer” (reg. no. 35201017, licence AB no.362712) in Dnepropetrovsk. Dnepropetrovsk is a main Eastern Ukrainian centre for trade, industry, metal and engineering industry and from the 1950s an important centre for space technology and manufacture.

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